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Welcome to The Heritage Mine

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The Heritage Mine tries to connect people with mislaid items from their family history. Lots of pieces of personal heritage, like old postcards, letters from loved ones and family photographs, are lost, that is they are no longer with the family descendants who would cherish them. We try to find those items and return them to where they belong.

To do this we have built this site as a meeting place where those will heritage items may show them and where interested descendants may find them. We hope that this will create a repository of heritage items (postcards, letters, documents, and other historical artifacts) that may be of interest to genealogists or anyone inter­ested in their fore­bears.

Feel free to browse the mine and web-site.

Viewing articles in the Heritage Mine is free, how­ever, many of the articles are offered for sale. User's must register in order to purchase items.


Registration is FREE and no financial details will be taken when buying items on this site (but we will need a shipping address etc). In order to purchase items you will be securely transferred to Paypal who will handle the payment.

To register, select the 'Register' button from the 'Account Log-in' panel and complete the registration form that will appear.

To begin searching the mine just type a word (like a name, town, or county/state) into the simple 'Search The Mine' search box on the left of this pane and press 'Search'. This will take you to the list of items that match your search terms.

To get a little more control over your search you can select the 'Advanced Search' option which will allow you to search by specific fields in the database.

If you want to go directly to a single item you can use the 'Fast Search' panel which will find any items that match the name you enter (only matches on owner/recipient name) and offer these as a list to choose from.

Become a Heritage Miner

If you've got heritage items (old postcards or photographs and such) that you would like to offer through The Heritage Mine, or if you would like to try a fun and exciting new way to use your genealogy skills, join us today. Find out more...

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